Characterized as difficulty obtaining or maintaining an erection, erectile dysfunction can be an early warning sign of vascular disease and can also indicate an increased risk of having a cardiovascular event.  That means early diagnosis and treatment of ED is an important health care priority.  ED is nothing to be embarrassed about; more than 50 percent of men 40 to 70 years old suffer from erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives.  Seeking out a comprehensive treatment center is crucial if you want to not only improve penile performance but also improve the issues that may be compromising your health.

 Medical Mechanics

Let’s take a quick look at the physiology of penile erection in order to understand why it is such an important health barometer.  The penis contains three chambers that run along the length of the organ.  The two chambers on top are called the corpora cavernosa, through which two arteries run.  The bottom chamber, called the corpora spongiosum contains the urethra.
When mentally and physically stimulated, erection begins.  Impulses from the brain and nerves trigger the nerve endings in the penis to release nitric oxide (NO).  Nitric oxide is a crucial vasodilator that plays a key role in all vascular and cardiovascular functions because it helps trigger dilation, or “opening” of veins, arteries and capillaries thus allowing increased blood flow.  The essence of life, blood is essential to every aspect of our physical body.   From the moment of conception blood must nourish the cells so they can divide and multiply to create a human being.  Thereafter, life can only be sustained if a blood supply flows to feed oxygen to every cell, every tissue and every organ in our body.  Cut off or drastically reduce blood flow and parts of our body- or we- die.
In the case of penile erection, the corpora cavernosa relaxes in response to the nitric oxide and so blood is able to flow in and fill these chambers.  As the blood engorges the penile structure, the penis expands in response to the pressure.  This  complicated biological process between blood vessels and nerves must occur in proper sequence: muscles have to relax, arteries have to dilate and the veins have to compress- all at the same time.  And the blood flow, along with nitric oxide, has to be available to the body for it all to function properly.
With this understanding, it’s easy to see why any damage, disease or disorder that disrupts the arteries or veins can impair blood flow and cause ED.  This is also why we see that many men who seek out medical help for ED often discover that their underlying issue is undetected diabetes or atherosclerosis.   And this is why the RejuvaFlow protocols were created.