Traditional E.D. Care

We have known for decades that ED responds to increased blood flow- after all, that’s what erections are all about!  That’s why prescribing PDE-5 inhibitors have been the first treatment of choice in dealing with ED for so long.  PDE-5 inhibitors (Viagra, Cialis) work by blocking an enzyme called PDE-5.  These drugs work well because by blocking this enzyme, they relax the smooth muscle of the penis and increase blood flow.  But the results of this traditional care can be mixed because while the drugs help some men achieve temporary erections- sufficient blood flow for sexual activity- they do not provide sufficient blood flow to treat chronic endothelial dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction coupleThese men may be happily having erections for a while yet they have no idea of the health dangers that could lie in store for them because their doctor has really only treated the symptom, not the cause.

There are other real dangers possible with the drug only approach.  Some men eventually develop a tolerance to these drugs. Many experience side effects ranging from indigestion, blurred vision, hearing loss, to more serious neurologic disorders or heart attacks.  Ultimately, men diagnosed with a cardiovascular issue can not take this class of drug without risk of serious complications.