The RejuvaFlow Difference

Collateral Growth Post-Rejuvaflow Treatment


RejuvaFlow physicians recognize ED as a possible symptom of greater health risks.  So prescribing a pill is not typically the first course of treatment with RejuvaFlow.  Every new patient is thoroughly assessed with advanced diagnostic programs that first help identify any underlying dysfunction.

Armed with a thorough understanding of the vascular system and its correlation to sexual function and aging, the RejuvaFlow physician custom prescribes a treatment program that marries the best standard of care with the most science forward treatments currently available.  RejuvaFlow protocols are aimed at increasing your levels of blood flow, nitric oxide release and oxygenation.  The program is designed to rehabilitate your body from the inside out.  The goal is to restore the healthier neurovascular processes your body was easily capable of when you were younger.

While a performance pill or other immediate gratification solution may be appropriate for you, it will be balanced with the long term treatment goals of sexual function restoration.