rejuvaheartAt the “heart” of the RejuvaFlow protocols is the RejuvaHeart treatment device.  This amazing treatment allows you to lie back and relax while pulsating air surrounds your body dramatically boosting your circulation, revitalizing and oxygenating your tissues.   A 60 minute RejuvaHeart session will provide cardiovascular benefits comparable to a ten mile walk!  Studies also have shown as much as a 140% increase of blood flow to the penis during treatment.  With successive treatment sessions, the therapeutic benefits derived from RejuvaHeart sessions can actually stimulate angiogenesis- the creation of new blood vessels.

RejuvaFlow’s technology was originally developed for cardiac patients and is actually covered by Medicare for the treatment of angina, a condition where severe lack of blood flow and oxygen causes the heart muscle to starve, triggering chest pain.  The dramatic physical and fitness benefits of RejuvaHeart’s treatment are thoroughly described in over 150 clinical studies from leading health experts including Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic. But the most important benefits are the ones YOU can experience first hand as an exciting, new quality of life!