What is Endothelial Health and what does it have to do with ED?

Every artery, vein or capillary within the circulatory system is covered with a lining comprised of endothelial cells.  That includes the artery, veins and capillaries of the penis.

What are Endothelial Cells Graphic


Understanding the basics of how penile function relies on blood supply and nitric oxide production, we must now turn our attention to the interior of those blood vessels and consider the long over-looked importance of that interior lining.  It is made up of endothelial cells.  These tiny little cells perform some vastly important functions, of note:

  • – Endothelial cells are responsible for nitric oxide production (or lack thereof)
  • – Endothelial cells regulate the formation of new capillaries in our body; this is critically important because our bodies can grow collateral blood vessels to compensate with a new route for blood flow to the heart if the main arteries are narrowing due to poor diet or disease- provided our endothelial lining is healthy.
  • – Endothelial cell lining controls the passage of materials such as white blood cells, into and out of the blood stream.
  • – Endothelial cells affect vasoconstriction and vasodilation (opening and narrowing of blood vessels) thus affecting hypertension and blood vessel tone
  • – Endothelial cells play a role in blood clotting, fluid filtration and in the immune response

With so many physiological roles, is it any wonder that a dysfunctional endothelial cell lining can actually be at the root of erectile dysfunction?  Of course not!  Since medical science has discovered the importance of our endothelial lining, ED is now known to be associated with vascular risk factors.  With the word out to experts, the word now needs to get out to the masses.

ED presents before symptoms of CAD in 67% of men on average, within three years earlier.