Erections Require Blood Flow

You can’t get an erection without good blood flow.

Good blood flow is essential for a healthy body.  In fact, every cell in your body needs to receive oxygen and nutrients that only come from blood flow, without which the cells will die.Blood_Circulation_Erectile Dysfuntion

The circulatory system flows blood at various support levels to keep our organs functioning. Large veins and arteries transport red and white blood cells and hormones while driving oxygenated blood to the heart, lungs, brain and other critical organs.  Smaller blood vessels and capillaries make up the microcirculatory system transporting vitamins, amino acids and minerals from digested foods for cell use.

It is easy to see how any compromise to our blood flow can bear dire consequences.  But it has only been in recent scientific literature that the clear link has been made between even minor episodes of erectile dysfunction pointing to serious vascular disease or risk of future heart attack.

Erectile Dysfunction Reversal Program

Recognizing the penis as if it were a barometer warning for more serious health risks is an important paradigm shift that can help couples understand the importance of seeking help through a comprehensive erectile dysfunction (e.d.) reversal program.