hormone balancingWe’ve all seen or heard the ad’s… “Feeling less of a man?  Come to our “low-T” center to get juiced back up!

The fact is, a man’s testosterone levels normally peak in the 20’s.  By the time a man is approaching his 40’s and 50’s, he may notice a bit of a run down feeling or difficulty keeping weight down.  Low testosterone- sometimes jokingly referred to as “manopause”, can have real symptoms and legitimate concerns.  But clinics that focus on just selling testosterone shots can be doing a huge disservice to their clients.  And rampant abuse of testosterone has resulted in a warning label about possible risks of blood clots in veins, along with other concerns.

The science behind testosterone treatment is still evolving.  The new rage of clinics selling testosterone stems from the fact that testosterone has become more than $2 billion dollar industry.   And selling the promise of a youth elixir has never been a difficult task.  But what works for one man may not work for others.

Good medicine is rooted in truly knowing each and every patient.  Armed with thorough vascular and endothelial information with a detailed history, the RejuvaFlow program helps each patient make the best individual decision on how to manage naturally waning testosterone levels as one important part of their total treatment plan.