As with all our RejuvaFlow protocols, Endostim is targeted to provide as natural and minimally invasive procedure possible to correct a severe issue experienced by some erectile dysfunction suffers. Scar tissue build-up that deforms or curves the penile shaft, as seen in Peyronies, can be painful physically and emotionally. Endostim therapy works to reduce the scar tissue by introducing a natural gas directly at the site of plaque build up and scarring. A natural gas injection triggers the cells at the site to aggressively attract and uptake oxygen at increased rates. Over the course of a few weeks, the increased oxygenation increase cellular metabolic raes to the point where the unhealthy tissues actually begin to break down and re-absorb, essentially depleting the scar tissue.

While multiple treatments may be required, softening of the curve and improved penile function in Peyronies patients treated with Endostim can be significantly achieved without surgery.