Coronary arteries  auricles ventricles human heart
When a new class of drug was developed and approved for ED, pills like Viagra and Cialis (PDE-5 inhibitors) became the “go to” treatment for men complaining of ED symptoms.  It almost became fashionable to take “the little blue pill”.   Medical science still didn’t fully grasp the strong link between ED and vascular disease.  Yet seventy percent of all cases of ED can be attributed to diabetes, kidney disease, atherosclerosis, vascular disease, ms and chronic alcoholism.   We now know that erectile problems may show up years before a major trauma such as heart attack or stroke actually occurs.  But for years, many physicians simply prescribed the ED pills and patients happily circumvented their ED symptoms.  Sadly, they didn’t circumvent the health problems that were already coming down the pipeline.

Eventually, many pill poppers discovered the pills just weren’t very effective anymore.  Or, worse yet, with the passage of time their undiagnosed vascular disease progressed- often rendering the use of PDE-5 inhibitors unsafe for them.